Meet the Straw Hat Twins

Fun-loving farm boys with a down-home work ethic and a classic eye for style.

The Harrison twins founded Straw Hat Restoration because they wanted to approach every new project like it was for a neighbour.

After working in the Toronto construction industry for a number of years, both James and Jason couldn’t help but notice the wide-spread distrust of contractors and the equally wide-spread lack of quality workmanship. Neither of these realities sat well with the twins. 

Since childhood James and Jason had watched their father, Scott Harrison, approach each new construction and renovation project with craftsmanship, honesty and integrity. He impressed upon them the importance of a strong reputation in a small town, where the good word of a neighbour carried more weight than a Yelp review.

After much discussion and some long winter evenings sipping scotch, James and Jason decided that Toronto needed a construction team that combined small town values with a modern eye for style.

In 2015, Straw Hat Restoration was born.

Jason and James Harrison The Straw Hat Twins

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